This study was aimed at finding relationship among students’ mathematics Self-concept, Socio Economic Status (SES) and Achievement Goal Orientations (AGOs) at secondary level in Punjab. The population of study included secondary school students in the Punjab province. The sample was selected through multi-stage random sampling technique. An adapted questionnaire was used to get responses about achievement goal orientation of students. Mathematics Self-concept scale by Marsh (1948) was used to know students’ academic selfconcept. "Socio Economic" Status was assessed through different demographic variables. Through SPSS, Pearson correlation coefficient was run to calculate correlation among students' self-concept in mathematics, SES, and their AGOs. Results showed significant correlation between students’ self concept in mathematics and their AGOs. Correlation between SES and AGOs of students was not significant. On the basis of findings, it was recommended that teachers should use instructional strategies which tend to improve students' mathematics "self concept" to make them mastery goal oriented.