The key research questions of the study were to check understanding, practices and challenges in teaching and assessment of higher order thinking skills to students enrolled in pre-service teacher education program. Sequential mixed method design was applied to collect quantitative and qualitative data with the help of structured questionnaire scale and semi-structured interview. Descriptive statistics were applied by calculating percentages and means; and thematic analysis was carried out by open coding, axial coding, analytical coding and selective coding. Quantitative and qualitative data was integrated to draw findings and conclusions of the study. The major conclusions of the study are that faculty in UK conceptualise Cognitive Skills (CS) as processing information, constructing understanding, application of knowledge, problem solving and thinking activity. They also incorporate CSs in teaching problem solving and reflective learning practices in which learners retrieve, generate, organise, and validate information. They assess CSs by open book examination, moderation of assignments, matching and comparing against Teacher Education Standards, and also provide effective feedback. However, faculty do not focus on ‘construction of theory’ and linking theory to practice in teaching and assessment.