This research paper pertains to an in depth and profound analysis of both political reforms and change extended in FATA and build up systematically, it focuses on the historical background of the tribal areas, which has the centuries old customs and tradition. The system of judiciary, political, social, economic is based on these traditions. Efforts has been made to remain focus on the measures if taken, to integrate the tribal belt in Pakistan’s mainstream and this research paper also focus on the poor level of political administration, human rights, phenomenon and socio economic developments in this deprived and marginalized area of Pakistan. There is dire need of some major steps which must be initiated by the government of Pakistan on war footing to reform the system of education, health judiciary and other services sector. Tribal belt is far behind the rest of the country in all sectors of development. The advantages of modern politicoadministration must also be extended to FATA as in other parts of the country. The areas now forming FATA had seen perhaps more invasion than any other country/area in the world. It hold some of the most chequered and fascinating events of the history.