The launch of sputnik is the initiation of space age and also the beginning of space race. During the cold war two strategic rivals (US-USSR) exploited the outer space for military purpose which started an intense space race for dominance and increased the probability that space would become an area of arm race between the major powers and perhaps a future field of contest. The strategic importance of space attracts India to utilize space for both civilian and military purposes. Indian strategic space programs always consider offensive towards China and Pakistan. Indian space capabilities and intention for develop ASAT technology is a new threat for the security of South Asia in general and particularly for Pakistan and further intense Asian space race. Pakistan started its space program in 1960 and still has not develop any technology that a harm or hurt the common heritage (space) of man. If India is going to develop ASAT technology in future, it will harm and destabilize the peace and security of South Asia and start arm space race that destroys the peace of this region.