This research explored the compatibility between media education and market needs. It also identifies gaps between media education and market needs along with future challenges and directions. The survey method was employed to collect data from media professionals of different specialized media fields i.e TV, Radio, and Advertising, Public Relations, online Journalism and Print Media. A positive correlation was found between capability of Advertisement, TV, Public Relations, Print media, Theory and Research Education with media market needs. On the contrary, Online Journalism, Radio and Film education are not compatible with market needs. This study presents the list of reasons and challenges that make media education incompatible with market needs including lack of linkage between media industry and education institutions, nonavailability of paid internships for students, untrained teachers, budget constraints, poor technical facilities in universities, lack of diversity in offered media education programs/degrees. This study reveals that the measures including education institutions liaison with media industry, teachers training, government support and allocation of funds are required to make media education more compatible with media industry requirements.