This study, through content analysis investigates how three leading international news magazines The Economist, The Herald and Time covered the American armed operations in Pakistan. The researcher applies (Johan Galtung’s 1998) frames and main indicators of war/peace journalism to examine whether there was any divergence in the coverage of three leading newsmagazines. The findings show that The Economist (Britain newsmagazine) and Time (American newsmagazine) adopted mostly war reporting than peace reporting. Apart from them The Herald (Pakistani newsmagazine) was more inclined to peace reporting than war reporting. The Economist and Time highlighted dichotomy and insisted on American armed operations in Pakistan as the most appropriate solutions for punishing Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, to demolish Al-Qaeda network roots as well as continuously blaming the Pakistan army to have a duel face. On the other hand, The Herald critically highlighted anti-war protests, pro-U.S. policies of Pakistani administration and the causalities of the innocent civilians in Pakistan.