Peace is the essential message of Islam. It can be inculcated among the learners at the critical time of their grooming such as elementary education. Heritage education is one of the most influencing area that leaves relatively permanent imprint on the thinking and practice of the learners. Hence; peace can be inculcated among the students through heritage education. Therefore, in this paper the existing content of elementary education in Pakistan was analysed with reference to the peace-blended content on heritage education. The problem under study was, “Forging peace through heritage education at elementary level in Pakistan”. The objectives were: to critically evaluate the existing courses of Pakistan studies with reference to the inclusion of heritage education related materials for promoting peaceful behaviours among the students; and what corrective measures could be suggested to strengthen peace-promoting behaviours among students through heritage education. The study was of analytical nature as the courses of Pakistan Studies for elementary level were analysed so as to search for heritage education related content that is tailored for promoting peaceful attitudes. The paper is rooted in the integrative approach of content selection pertaining to peace promoting heritage education for any schooling level. All the courses of Pakistan studies taught at elementary level constituted the population. The sample consisted of courses meant for elementary school level in the public sector. The said courses were analysed from two aspects, that is, how much content related to heritage education is included in the text; and how the same is devised for the promotion of peaceful behaviours. It was found that some topics related to heritage education are there in the content but they are not properly arranged in a peace-promoting manner. It was found that the said contend is less, un-practical, and devoid of promoting peaceful co-existence and global citizenship. A peace-promoting content of heritage education was recommended to be made a compulsory part of the curriculum at elementary school level that may inculcate among the students the peaceful attitudes and behaviours of: critical thinking, tolerance, respect for diversity and global citizenship.