The purpose of the study was to investigate perceptions of participants about early childhood care and education professional development workshop. The sample consisted of 28 participants including 10 males and 18 females who were participating in a postgraduate diploma in early childhood education. The questionnaire was used for data collection consisting of 31 closed ended items. It had three dimensions; workshop content, workshop facilitation arrangements and pedagogy of the resource persons. Independent t-test was applied to investigate the satisfaction level of participants about workshop content, workshop facilitation arrangement and pedagogy of the resource persons. The results revealed that there was no significant gender wise difference between participants’ satisfaction level and workshop facilitation arrangements. But significant gender wise difference was found between participants’ satisfaction level and the workshop content and pedagogy of the resource persons. It was found that females and males were fully satisfied with the pedagogy of the resource persons. On the other hand, females were more satisfied than males in case of workshop content and males were highly satisfied with workshop facilitation arrangements as compared to females. Findings of this research suggested the need to review and improve the content of the courses of the workshop by using different AV Aids during the workshops. Furthermore, the schedule of the workshop should be changed by increasing the number of days and decreasing the hours of the workshop for the ease of the participants. In ODL, participants belong to different backgrounds, so diversity may be incorporated in content and pedagogy.