The CIPP evaluative model was employed to evaluate vocational training programs for developing entrepreneurial skills among women at Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) established by Government of the Punjab under TEVTA. A VTC center running under this program at Layyah was selected due to the backwardness of the area. Three programs were included; Dress Designing and making, Domestic Tailoring and Beautician in the study. The participants comprised the women, trainers and entrepreneurs of VTCs. Multiple stage sampling technique was used to select the sample. Mixed method approach was used by following CIPP program evaluation model. Data were based on classroom observation, semi-structured interviews and desk review validated through pilot testing, expert opinion, content validity ratio, content validity index and confirmatory factor analysis. Quantitative data were analyzed through central tendency; mean score and standard deviation while interviews and observation through thematic analysis. Findings showed that the level of entrepreneurial skills among women was very low. Majority of women did not attempt the assessment test related to technical skills. Some women got minimum score in business plan template and situational judgment. The entrepreneur’s running their own setups had observations like, teacher training was inadequate. However, revision of course contents, provision of better environment at VTCs and effective teaching strategies with special focus on practical work is recommended.