The study aimed at introducing scientific argumentation to students of elementary level in a private school in Islamabad. The sample consists of 48 students of grade seven divided into two sections serving as control and experimental group. The objectives of the study were to experiment with teaching through argumentation, exploring the difficulty faced by students in constructing argument and the effect of scientific argumentation on students’ academic performance. The students in the experimental group were provided intervention for two months (the maximum allowed duration by the school administration). Data were collected through written argumentation reports and students’ performance in the bi-monthly examination at the end of the experiment. Data were analyzed using inferential statistics. The findings revealed students’ difficulty with constructing rebuttal in an argument. The academic performance of the students in experimental group was significantly higher than the students in the control group using t-test. Moreover, the academic performance of female students in the experimental group was higher than the male students. Scientific argumentation was found an effective instruction method for improving students’ understanding, developing critical skills and constructing knowledge.