This research aims to explore the factors of electronic media affecting the buying behavior of consumers especially the females in Pakistan. It is generally believed that females build their buying behavior from print and electronic media specifically while taking impression from related news, television dramas, showbiz activities, commercials, advertisements, celebrities, and other tools. This study is an effort to measure the impact of effects of advertising aired on electronic media on women’s buying behavior in Karachi City. Overall, advertising has a great role in buying behavior. This quantitative research employs survey study as data collection tool from Karachi through random sampling. The researchers distributed 2000 questionnaires among females of academic departments of universities, housewives, journalists, teachers and students from various localities of Karachi. The results of the study showed that majority of the population was strongly affected by the commercials of various products aired on electronic media in Pakistan. A large number of females also opinionated that electronic media exploited their consumer and privacy rights and negatively led them to buy products which were not actually as per their requirements. The study was limited to the City of Karachi alone due to multiple factors including limited timeframe; however, this study may open new phenomena pertaining to this arena.