Young generation is the major human capital of any country, especially female adolescents as they are future mothers and future mentor. Adolescence is a critical period of the human life cycle، during this time hormonal, physical and psychosocial development occurs rapidly, any insufficient and poor dietary intake during this period impact on physical and mental health. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 51% young females in Pakistan, suffer with malnutrition, whereas, National Nutrition Survey of Pakistan (2011) 35-39% of adolescent female affected with nutritional deficiencies. This study attempts to explore the factors related to dietary behavior of female adolescent students and its effect on their general health and academic performance. Qualitative approach through a focus group discussion with semi-structured questionnaire was applied. 10 participants were selected purposefully. Result shows that general health of female adolescents is very deprived. Anemia, headache, low concentration, inattention inactiveness, frequent illness, majority have joint problems in early age, harsh behavior, short-temper as main issues. The major challenges were selection and availability of unhealthy food in canteens, influence of peer in food choices, skipping breakfast, commonly used fast foods or junk foods, high consumption of soft, energy drinks. Participants suggested a need of collaborate effort to overcome the immense problem.