The present study investigated the systematic differences in suicide ideators and non-ideators on dimensions of anger, impulsivity, and academic stress in Pakistani adolescents. It was hypothesized that there are systematic differences in anger, impulsivity and academic stress in adolescents with and without suicide ideation. Through Cross sectional research design, a sample of 200 adolescents including 100 boys and 100 girls of 13 to 17 years age range, was recruited from private schools of Lahore. Participants with suicidal risk (n=100) were identified using Suicidal Risk Scale (Yao et. al., 2007). Translated versions of Spielberg State Trait Anger Expression Inventory (Spielberg, 1996), Barratt's Impulsivity Scale (1994) and Educational Stress Scale for Adolescents (ESSA; Sun, 2011) were used for data collection. Results revealed significant differences between suicide ideation based group from non-suicide ideators on anger, impulsivity and perceived academic stress. The regression analysis revealed that anger, educational stress and impulsivity were significant positive predictors of suicidal ideation among adolescents. The findings implicate the role of school counselor and parents in addressing this grave issue among adolescents.