The province of Sindh has some prominent features with respect to its historical back ground. It is known as Bᾱb-ul-Islᾱm for it had been the gateway of Islᾱm to sub continent. In this province numerous Ṣūfῑs, came and controlled the people to Islᾱm. Similarly of Muslim Scholars established the religious institutes in different areas of Sindh. It is said that more than 500 institutes were functioned in District Thatta. The contribution of ‘Ulᾱma in various fields are evident from their books in different languages. They are available in ‘Arabic, Sindhi and almost in Urdu languages. The Sindh province is distinguished after the independent of Pakistan. The services of ‘Ulᾱma had brought an effective charges in society. So, in this article the research and publication made by the Sindhi Scholars have been presented in scholarly manners. Which shall not only familiarized the readers but shall also be a back for further research.