Couple interactions in Urdu drama serials were analyzed to investigate whether healthy (positive) or unhealthy (negative) couple communication is portrayed. It is point of discussion that plots of the contemporary Urdu televise dramas in Pakistan is depicting more extramarital relations. Through narrative structure analysis, the current study revealed that drama serials start with a family and then a quarrel arises between married couple. At that point, a protagonist enters in the scene which also becomes as catalyst in making separation between the married spouses. The bad and harsh attitude of the husband appears to be the enough reason to bend toward extramarital relation. Divorce seems to be the only solution in case of incompatible relations between the spouses. It is apparent that these dramas are promoting extramarital relations in positive ways. The current bombardment of such issues by electronic media seems to be trying to legitimize the illegitimate relation. The analysis depict that televise Urdu dramas of Pakistan are promoting more negative interactions among the couples.