Hadith is the second important source of Islamic Law after the Qur’an. There is a consensus among the Muslims that Sunnah is the second revealed fundamental source of Islamic sciences. Due to the importance of these fundamental sources, Muslim Scholars around the world have played an important role in the development of Hadith sciences. The Muslim Scholars of India have played and still playing very important role in the development of Hadith Sciences. In the opinion of the late “Allama Rashid Rida of Egypt” Indian Muslims have played the leading role in the diffusion and dissemination of Hadith learning in the world to-day. As a matter of fact, according to him, but for the painstaking labour of the Indian Muslims towards the cultivation of the Sciences of al-Hadith, it would have well-nigh died down. If the achievement of the moribund Muslim India, when she has fallen on evil days after the loss of her political power, has been such, it behoves us well to take stock of what our noble forefathers did for the cultivation of the sciences in general, and Islamic sciences in particular, during their palmy days which lasted for the better part of a thousand years. This research article is to give an overview of the history of Hadith and its Sciences (The growth and Development) and what Indians Muslims Scholars have contributed towards Hadith and its Sciences from the beginning of Muslim History down to the 20thCentury.