Refuting rivals is a form of jihad, whether these rivals are heretics, infidels or hypocrites and it is the best and utmost submission. Moreover, this refutation is a cautionary action against Bid’ah (innovation), termination of revolt, and an identification of offenders. Refuting rivals cannot be considered as a good and acceptable deed, unless it is a declaration of righteous way as well as a guidance for human beings, and a cause of mercy for them. Scholars of Najd tried to rebut the rivals and in this regard, they wrote numerous books and other scripts in refutation to the followers of bid’ah (innovation) and the antagonists of Sunnah. Moreover, they have presented satisfactory replies in order to eradicate the misgivings and negative reservations. Amongst the salient features of their approach, while presenting their arguments and substantiations, include the best and righteous understanding of the Qur'an and Sunnah, Ijmah (consensus) and the Ummah’s Predecessors. Similarly, their approach also included impartial criticism to the rivals, to avoid insulting and disrespectful ways of discussion and not to declare any Muslim a Kaa’fir (non-believer). The discussion offered by Najdian Scholars has not been based on prejudice to any particular region or school of though. We seek refuge of Allah Almighty from such claims, rather it has been the discussion presented by the Scholars with righteous faith based on the Quran o Sunnah, who have incessantly been patiently engaged in educating and guiding, offering fatawa (jurisprudence ruling) and Jihad (Holy War).