The stature of any nation in the world is determined by the amount of authority it enjoys, exerting itself over other nations. This authority which a nation exercises is derived for its national power. The national power is the cumulative sum of certain elements existing within the ideological and practical domain of a nation. Human resource, military might and economic development are the tangible elements, whereas the ideology, morale of a nation, vision and leadership fall into the category of intangible elements of national power. Emergence of media has made it a strong contender in the major players of a state. The reach and impact of media are unquestionable. Propaganda is the key to achieve far reaching psychological gains, and no other medium than the modern day media can serve that purpose. Pakistan is no exception when it comes to the importance of media. Pakistani media enjoys the freedom and has the reach which if tapped properly can definitely be a source of furthering national agenda; Pakistani media thus can become an element of national power.