Distance education system of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Pakistan mostly depends on the idea of learning through print material and other media such as television, radio, online CDs etc. For conducting this research study, emphasis was on the evaluation of the self-instructional print materials to be used in distance learning system of this university. Applying the survey method in present study the opinions regarding the quality and quantity of print material were gathered from the students and tutors at Intermediate level of education of AIOU. While focusing the quality parameters of self-instruction such as transactional, stylistic and structural (local, national and global) questionnaire for distant learners and tutors was developed. Data was collected through this questionnaire and mean score was used to analyze the data. Through this analysis, it was found that self-instructional print material of Intermediate level needs to be improved while focusing the needs, demands and psychology of the learners. It was also concluded that currently this material is just imparting the knowledge which lacks development of skills and behavior modification. Overall it was recommended that university faculty must focus on the revision and improvement of the selfinstructional print material for making it attractive, interactive, effective and communicative.