This constituency consists of Kamalia, Pirmahal and its sournding villages. Before 1985 elections, it was the part of district Faisalabad but before 1985, Zia regime decided to establish new district Toba Tek Singh. Kamalia is the Tehsil head quater of T. T. singh but its area has been divided into two constituencies. Few villages fall in NA and other villages are situated in NA. 94. The major bridaries of this constituency are, Syed, Arian, Jutt, Rajput, Rajput Bhatti, Kharals, Fityyana. Before 1985, the main leadership was in the hands of Syeds. Two different groups existed among them; one was leading Syed Nasir Deen Shah and second was under the control of Makhdoom Nazir Deen shah. These two groups ruled over district council Faisalabad for many years. Zia regime tried to dismental its influence and decided to divide the follwers of these two groups onto different districts. Few villages of their followers had been given in district Jaranwala, few were given in district Faisalabad and few came in the vicinity of district Toba Teksingh. In this way, the power of the Syed family came to an end. Now in the existing set up, the leadership is in the hands of three major families i.e. Syed, Arian and Fatiana. This paper presents the historical background of the electoral politics and role of bradrise in the victory of the candidates.