European Union was created to promote greater politico-economic cooperation in Europe. But, this is another fact that this union calls for such great sacrifices that are posing great threats to the sovereignty and the independence for policy and decision-making for the specific interests of the member states. Therefore, United Kingdom has recently opted to get an exit from this union. British exit from EU has attained international attention due to its wide spectrum implications and has emerged as a significant issue in international politics. This article adds its contribution to the debate about the current issue of Brexit and its probable political, economic and strategic impact on UK and EU. In this regard, this paper discusses briefly about the reasons that have led UK to a crossroad of leaving or remaining in EU as the question whether to remain in or leave the EU had assumed the shape of a crisis for UK. It has divided the UK’s political elites and actors as well as its citizens into two opposing opinions. Each of them was trying to strengthen its viewpoint by giving arguments in favour or against the Brexit. The paper provides a brief glimpse over the arguments for or against the Brexit, and in the light of those arguments tries to draw a conclusion about the future prospects of Brexit for both UK and EU.


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