The present study aims to translate and validate Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) developed by Spector (1985) into Urdu. Scale linguistic equivalence was ascertained by bilingual design with a sample (N = 45) of teachers; and positive correlation (r = .71, p < .01) between Urdu and English version of JSS was found. Next, JSS reliability was established with a larger sample (N = 367) teachers revealing high Cronbach’s alpha (r = .88, p < .01) and split-half (r =.87, p < .01) measures for JSS. Exploratory factor analysis supported a 9-factor solution for JSS, and when tested again with test-retest reliability with 42 teachers after one week interval resulted in high measure of reliability (r = .80, p < .01). Lastly, convergent validities of JSS were revealed with 310 participants and the correlations with Organizational Commitment Questionnaire-Revised Version (r = .52, p < .01), Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (r = .55, p < .01) and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (r = .56, p < .01). All the findings demonstrated the Urdu version of JSS had sound psychometric properties.