The focus of this quantitative study was on analyzing the self-concept of the students with visual impairment in Lahore (Pakistan). A modified self-description questionnaire used by Jayne E. Stake (1992) was used to assess the six subscales (Likability, Task accomplishment, Morality, Power, Giftedness and Vulnerability) of the self-concept of the students with VI (visual impairment) and normal sight. The questionnaire was translated into Urdu to collect data from randomly selected 60 students with visual impairment from the special education schools (30 males and 30 females), and 60 students without visual impairment (30 males and 30 females) from public schools. No significant difference of self-concept was found between the students with visual impairment and students with normal sight. Only sighted students’ self-concept about morality was more positive than the students with visual impairment.