The main objective of this study was to analysis of perception about referee and general self-efficacy in Pakistan elite officials and athletes. Referee and technical officials are important for organized sports contest. But now a day’s sports administrators are facing a problem. Day by day the number of qualified sports referees is on the decline. The insufficient number of technical officials may directly have negative impact on the quality and quantity of sports. The sample of this study was referees football male (n=85) and female (n=2) and hockey male (n=45) and female (n=5) from Pakistan. Referee self-Efficacy Scale (REFS) and General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) scale utilized to measure these variables. The data analysis were completed through SPSS and it indicated that sub_x0002_dimension referee self-efficacy physical fitness, game knowledge, decision making, communication and referee self_x0002_efficacy indicated that football referees had significantly better mean score than hockey referees. The results also indicate that football and hockey referees had similar level of general self-efficacy with having little pressure than football referees during match. The correlation coefficients between all variables are significant except decision making and pressure, communication and GSE. The results of this study concluded that football referee and technical officials have high level of physical fitness, game knowledge, decision making, communication and referee self-efficacy score than hockey referees. Although, football and hockey referees have same level of self-efficacy, but hockey referees had more pressure than football