Divorce is one of the emerging problems in the present day world and it is continuously increasing with the passage of time. Although, divorce is permissible in Islamic Law but it is considered as highly deplorable deed. The couple can only dissolve their marriage contract if they cannot fulfill the criterion as determined by Shariah. However, Islam insists to reconcile their conflicts and avoid separation in any possible way otherwise it can instigate the wrath of Almighty Allah. In Pakistan the individuals are preoccupied with the fantasies of ideal married life as portrayed in cinematic world and perceive the imperfections in their real lives. The dissimilitude of real and ideal distorts the cognitive mechanism of human individuals to spend their lives contentedly. This is one of the principle reasons of separations in Pakistan when the couples are negligent about Shariah prescriptions. Present study aims to explore the reasons of increasing divorce cases in Pakistani Muslim society with specific reference to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. While scrutinizing the pertaining factors, the study provides solutions in the light of Shariah.


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