"Orientalism apparantly a new term, is originally an old one. So many ambiguities absorb in tis choronology. Orientalists do not like to disclose their activities, while one can find them easily. In Islamic cornes there are my controvertial ideas about the orientalists. Some declare them the benefactors of the Muslims and Islam, the others think they are hypocratas and they dig out the roots of our original sources. As Dr. Muhammad Hameedullah remained in France about a half a country, so has a view point about the orientalists. There are some misunderstandings about the arguments of late Dr. Hameedullah i.e. he opted sometimes, a view of defense and apology. He had his political, diplomatic and residential perspectives. As a true Muslim he cannot conceal or remain terrified in European culture. He served Din-e-Islam with head and heart. He, along with, tremendous services, accompanied French and western orientalists, and openl'y t wrote in the contemporary Muslim press."